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blood sugar levelsManage Normal Blood Sugar Levels with Healthy Diet & Exercise

A healthy diet nourishes brain and body for effective functioning. To maintain an active lifestyle, it is important to eat right as an unhealthy eating habit may result in severe health disorders. One such health concern is improper blood sugar levels regulation in the human body which can result in Diabetes mellitus or poor brain functioning.

Health Goal – Stable Blood Sugar Levels

If a person is medically diagnosed with diabetes, he should aim to attain normal level of blood sugar which ranges between 70mg/dl to 100mg/dl (milligrams per deciliter). High blood sugar levels can be controlled with low or zero sugar diet, regular glucose level monitoring & exercises. The best remedy for any diabetic patient is to maintain a normal level of blood sugar. Recent researches made by different health organizations state that millions of people are under high risk of diabetic syndrome & heart strokes due to higher levels of blood sugar counts. An unhealthy diet and negligence towards controlling blood sugar levels increases chances of several health disorders.

Normal Level of Blood Sugar Decreases the Risk of Vascular Disease

The food that we consume contains sugar which is broken-down into glucose molecules. The glucose is directly absorbed by the blood with the help of insulin hormone secreted by pancreas that provide energy and help the cells & tissues to perform effectively.
Frequent eating habits that include heavy meals, rich in fat or cholesterol, with zero body work-out, causes our blood sugar levels to increase gradually. Studies show that even young people tend to acquire high levels of blood sugar and if left undiagnosed, it can result in severe Diabetes or Hyperglycemia.

blood sugarWhat Causes Low Blood Sugar Levels or Hypoglycemia?

The blood sugar level below 70 mg/dl is said to be in a condition of Hypoglycemia. There are certain factors such as neglecting healthy diet or skipping meals, over-medication during hypoglycemia, intensive alcohol addiction, excessive or heavy fitness training can result in loss of sugar (i.e. plasma-glucose concentration) in the body which affects our nervous system.

Tips for retaining blood sugar normal levels

For a Non-diabetic person
It is recommended to follow a normal fitness routine that helps to burn extra stored fats or calories in the body. Only a controlled & balanced diet can foster a healthy living.
For Diabetic person
Regular monitoring and maintaining normal level of blood sugar – Use Glucose meter to record the sugar level in the body from your blood sample & take appropriate precautions.

Plate Method of 1500 calorie diet to Lose Weight – Over-weight people mainly complain of high glucose level. Switching to nutritious & having proportion meal (low in fats & sugar) help people who suffer from Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes.

Sleeplessness – Insomnia triggers level of sugar in blood. Increase sleep to avoid unstable levels of glucose.

Fiber-rich meal – Consumption of food rich in fiber & proteins help in maintaining stable glucose levels during Hypoglycemia..


Avoid more Calories – Reduce the amount of extra calories found in juices, sweets or sugary food. Excess intake of such food items can overburden fats & sugar that is not supported by our body in large quantities.

Chart for Normal Glucose Level can be Categorized as Follows:

(As per medical guidelines)

Categories Fasting Value Post Prandial/Post meal
Min Level (mg/dl) Max Level (mg/dl) Level 2 hours after meal
Normal glucose level 70 100 Less than 140
Early Diabetes 101 126 140 to 200
Hyperglycemia Greater than 126 Greater than 200

1. For Kids and Adults:

Blood Sugar Level Kids (mg/dL) Adults (mg/dL)
Normal 70 – 100 70 – 140
Low Less than 70 Less than 70
High More than 140 More than 180

2. Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart for Women:

Blood Sugar Levels Readings (mg/dL)
Normal Blood Sugar Range 70 to 140
Post Meal Value: 2 hrs after the Meal may rise up to 135 to 145
Post Meal Value: 1 hour after the Meal may rise up to 180
Random Blood Sugar Levels 70 to 140
Normal Fasting Blood Sugar Levels 70 to 100

3. Normal Blood Sugar Levels Chart for Men:

Blood Sugar Levels Readings (mg/dL)
Normal Blood Sugar Range 70 to 140
Fasting Blood Sugar Range 70 to 100
Post Meal Value: 2 hrs after the Meal may rise up to 140
Random Blood Sugar Levels 70 to 125

Change your diet-plan and discover a healthy life that may change your life forever!

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