Counteract Symptoms For Low Blood Sugar Levels During Pregnancy

blood pregnancyDuring pregnancy, a woman can come across several health imbalances. Apart from mental stability, an expecting mother needs great care to stay physically fit without any health disorder. However, even the natural changes occurring in a woman’s body can make her a victim of low blood sugar levels. To regulate healthy blood sugar during pregnancy, the body is required to produce up to three times the usual amount of insulin to deal with any instability in glucose levels.

A fall in blood sugar can be dangerous for women during pregnancy, as at later stages, the baby’s condition can worsen. When blood pressure rises during pregnancy along with unstable blood sugar levels then it gives rise to a condition called pre-eclampsia. Women who suffer from this infirmity condition, their babies are at higher risk of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

“According to recent reports, about 5% of women contract gestational diabetes in their 20th week of pregnancy.”

Warning Symptoms Of Low Blood Sugar Or Hypoglycemia

Low blood sugar signs during pregnancy can prove riskier. When the blood glucose levels reach 70mg/dl or drops further it can complicate and worsen the baby’s condition. The signs of hypoglycemia in pregnancy are very hard to treat alone as the body develops increased energy requirements. Some of the debilitating symptoms are: fatigue, nervous and anxiety attacks, shaking, headache, intense hunger, nausea, vomiting, frequent infections profuse sweating, hot flashes, dizziness, confusion, irritability and blurred vision.

An expecting woman should plan activities well in order to ensure that her body strength and state of health remain at safer levels. The body has its own defense mechanism, so when blood glucose counts drop, the brain triggers a function to level the decrease in the body’s insulin secretion in order to maintain blood glucose stability. In case of a severe hypoglycemia attack, the right dose of a glucagon injection should be administered to the patient.

Treatment For The Affliction Of Low Blood Sugar Levels

As compared to high blood sugar, low blood sugar is equally threatening to body functioning. When the body’s defense mechanism fails to respond to the lower levels of glucose in the bloodstream, then proactive treatment or therapy measures administered by medical professionals are required to act against this unstable condition.

Lifestyle Changes And Exercise Can Help With Hypoglycemia Attacks

An intensively designed lifestyle intervention program can help pregnant women to cope with low glucose levels. Lifestyle changes help in reducing stress and anger if taken together with a well-balanced diet, which helps to maintain normal blood sugar counts. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, tobacco (stimulants, etc.) as they are capable of precipitating a hypoglycemic attack.

Right Nutrition To Counteract Hypoglycemia

low sugarA diet composed of fruits, vegetables and high-fiber should be part of your diet chart. It is imperative that the patient limits the diet to foods that are safe, low in fat and calories. The pregnant woman should keep an emergency, readily accessible food item in case she reports hypoglycemia attacks or sudden hunger cravings. Watch your food consumption using an effective diet chart that can help replace offending foods with hypoglycemia-friendly nutritious foods and snacks. It is advised to avoid foodstuff which rapidly absorb sugar as this can prevent reactive hypoglycemia state which occurs due to a sudden influx of glucose into the blood.

Keep Monitoring

To avoid hypoglycemia episodes, an expecting mother should check and measure her blood sugar levels frequently. This constant monitoring will help her to keep her current state of health in stable condition and with proper medical assistance; she can change her diet plan and medication.

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