How diabetics control their blood sugar?

control blood sugarTips To Manage Blood Sugar For Diabetics By Testing Blood Sugar Levels

In the last 30 years or so, an excessive increase in the number of diabetic cases has been recorded globally. Whether it is an influence of western lifestyle or a heredity factor, raised blood sugar definitely puts you at risk of diabetes. It is highly important that one should educate and be aware about the preventions and treatments for this chronic disease.

Take charge of your health, as even a minor change in your diet can disturb healthy blood sugar levels. Consuming excess calories increases the chances of a pre-diabetes condition. Often, obese people do not realize the high risk they carry as they hover dangerously close to this full-blown disease.

Below, we share some preventive measures which can help to reduce & fight the signs of high blood sugar:

Plan For The Right Blood Sugar Diet

For monitoring glucose levels in the blood cells, it is essential to work out a plan on your eating habits. Unfortunately, junk and unhealthy food has become a casual part of our lifestyle.
Dietitians suggest following proper diet plan which includes balanced protein, fiber and fats ratio, to beat health complications. Foods such as whole grain cereals & green vegetables work to stabilize the raised blood sugar and fruits such as oranges & apples are good antioxidants. To             control blood sugar for diabetic people, it is recommended to avoid high glycemic foods (potatoes, bread, rice, baking with white flour) as these are rich carbohydrate food sources and do not assist in lowering glucose levels.
Role of water: Water plays a very vital role in getting rid of type-2 diabetes. Do include drinking more water as a regime and it can work wonders in diabetes prevention.

Lose Weight For Overall Health Management

When it comes to shedding extra calories, exercise plays a key-role in not only reducing weight but also boosts body energy levels. Obesity increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes which is non-insulin dependent diabetes form. It makes body cells non-effective to insulin hormone which causes accumulation of unused sugar & fats thereby resulting in weight-gain.
“As obesity and diabetes are often found together this is now being called diabesity.”
Obesity can be controlled with:

  • Avoiding food which includes extra sugar or calories as such meals can obstruct your weight-loss goal.
  • Follow effective weight management program & best diabetic-diet
  • As carbohydrate is the main constituent of food so combination of carbohydrates with proteins and fiber is preferred.

With exercise, improve your blood sugar readings

Routine work-out and exercising help to keep your body in the right shape. No doubt that it helps in burning the stored fats and extra calories but heavy exercise indulgence should only be done under expert supervision or as advised by the doctor. More exercise provokes your body to use more glucose which helps in enhancing insulin sensitivity.

sugar controllingHelpful Tool – Glucometer

One can monitor blood sugar for diabetics by using a glucometer device which is small, portable and can be used independently at home or at work. Testing your blood glucose range involves putting a compact droplet of blood on a particular blood glucose examination strip. With exact blood sugar reading you can take the required action. By monitoring sugar levels regularly, you can validate your results. After testing you can match your readings with the help of the chart below as the range can vary before and after meals.

Normal blood glucose level: 70mg/dl to 100mg/dl
Before Meal: 100 mg/dl
Soon after Meal: 140mg/dl

The best way to keep your blood sugar levels in proper range is to test regularly and make relevant adjustments to your lifestyle.

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