Manage Low Blood Sugar Counts and Symptoms

low blood sugar symptomsManage symptoms for Low Blood Sugar Levels by reducing unhealthy practices

In today’s health conscious era, people rely on a number of wellness and fitness programs to thrive an active lifestyle. According to a recent health survey data, majority of people are suffering from high blood pressure, low blood sugar levels, obesity and diabetes globally.
Through our article, we mainly focus upon the reasons that cause variation in normal blood sugar counts and result in low blood sugar symptoms. The remedy to prevent the drop from 70 milligrams per deciliter stable glucose levels lies in understanding its reason and treating it by achieving a right health balance.

Changing health behaviors and Low blood sugar levels

Things on which people often lose control such as drinking alcohol, smoking, skipping meals, stress, deficient diet (or lack of carbohydrates-rich meals which favors proper liver functioning), are all behavioral factors which strongly link to low blood sugar levels and hinders active body functioning. If you are living with the above indefensible factors and have poor appetite, it is highly advisable to check your blood glucose and implement the required changes to avoid symptoms for low blood sugar.

Emotional stress, smoking, nicotine dependence etc slows down the adrenal glands functioning which secretes adrenalin hormone. The chemical components (caffeine, nicotine) present in products like coffee, cocoa, tea, drugs etc raises the blood glucose as adrenaline uses glycogen stored in liver and muscle tissues thereby giving a pleasant feeling of satisfaction to the user. This sudden elevation in blood glucose exhausts the stored glucose and leaves the body with dropped glucose levels.

“A better example can be viewed in a person (among family or friends) who cannot control its hunger craving in the morning, before breakfast. During the morning hours, the blood glucose levels are low and all-night fasting makes the person impatient and thus makes their hunger intolerable.”

How we manage our health is highly influenced by our lifestyle. By adopting even minor routine changes can help us step a foot forward in achieving our health goal and maintaining normal blood sugar counts.
The state of a body suffering from Low blood sugar levels was discovered by Dr. Seale Harris, in 1924. Generally, a sugar tolerance test is performed to recognize and avoid the fatal signs of this chronic condition especially when it accompanies diabetes which is known as reactive hypoglycemia.

The glucose tolerance test is done in the morning hours followed by 9 to 12 hours complete fasting (or even afternoon), where a blood sample is taken from the fingertip and is examined to detect exact sugar concentration.”

The test may reveal the following that are considered to be perfect symptoms for low blood sugar level.


Emotional impatient, irritated behavior, violent, restless, disinterest in routine activities, depressed and tired of living
Mental person forgets things easily, headaches, gets confused, lack of concentration
Body blurred vision, fainting signs, eyes do not bear even few seconds sunlight exposure, no muscular strength after sleep, vulnerable to infectious diseases, loss of appetite, frequent bloating and constipation
Skin dry mouth, allergic body, excess sweating, dry and scaly skin
Addiction Increased cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, nicotine products

Certain signs above can also vary according to age, the severity of hypoglycemia and its reduced rates.

Alleviate low blood sugar symptoms by self-treatment

When it comes to living a disease-free and healthy lifestyle, from food to fitness, all factors act as a backbone to it. The trick is to substantially reduce simple and complex health maladies that would result in a longer life-span. Our brain, muscle tissues, body organs and cells all rely on main body fuel, glucose, to function actively. Deficiency of glucose can give rise to hypoglycemia condition which results due to low blood sugar levels and further declines the overall health.

Right food management for lowering blood sugar

A balanced diet is always better for kidney, liver and keeping a healthy heart as it is a cornerstone to restore better body performance and cure hypoglycemia. To lower illness risks, understand the undesirable effect of forbidden food items and switch to healthy meals instead of the processed or high-calorie foods. Your diet should aim to reduce and overcome low blood sugar symptoms. Eat smart to encourage a healthy eating habit without switching over to an aggressive and erroneous diet plan.

Role of Sugar in lowering blood sugar

Do not make your body suffer from prolonged lack of sugar and neither over-dose on insulin as this plummet your blood glucose levels. The excess sugar which body can not burn gets stored as glycogen, and when the glycogen reserves become excess in liver, sugar gets stored as fat. It is advisable to coordinate meals with prescribed medicines followed by continuous supervision of sugar and calories intake.

Try home fitness

When people do not prefer to work-out in gyms or fitness centers, they can practice yoga, meditation within their comfort zone at home. Such stress booster exercises help in improving body immunity, mental performance, confidence and muscles flexibility. Even such smaller fitness efforts performed regularly can bring bigger and inspiring health conditions.

Indulge in Physical activity programs to discover a healthy YOU

symptom sugars bloodVery less or no cardio exercise disturbs body’s optimal growth and development since a major portion of the ingested food gets stored as fat in the body. An adequate volume of physical activity can help improve insulin efficiency, reduce health disparities and even medical costs. More physical activities accelerate insulin performance in lowering blood sugar. Whenever you exercise strenuously, it is good to check and ensure your normal blood sugar count as exercise changes the way your body reacts to insulin.

According to a new study, just 15 minutes of physical work-out daily can boost life expectancy by 3 years and decrease death possibility by 14 percent.”

Transform Hypoglycemia diagnosis into inspiration

If your glucose tolerance tests result hypoglycemia, it is advised not to panic and take this diagnosis as a health alert instead and contact a medical expert to control its symptoms and impede them from turning severe. A medical doctor will report the actual cause whether the trigger is due to drugs, skipping meals, alcohol, or a pancreatic dysfunction.

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