Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Proper Body Function

proper blood sugarImportance Of Normal Blood Sugar Levels For Proper Body Function

Maintaining proper blood sugar levels has a key impact on our overall health & wellness. The normal blood sugar count prevents us from the risk of hyperglycemia (Diabetes Mellitus Syndrome) or Hypoglycemia, which can affect the body’s metabolism and brain function.Researchers anticipate that each year, the diabetes & obesity statistics will rise and, the increased mortality rate is mainly among people with high blood sugar.

Normally, the blood glucose count rises with increasing age and results in memory loss, damage to nerves causing weakness, sensation loss etc. It thus becomes evident that leveling the right glucose count becomes essential at this stage to improve metabolism and maintain stable health. Studies show – the better way to beat unstable blood sugar symptoms that comes with age is by exercising which adds an anti-aging benefit.

Insulin Hormone Acts As Key Function In Managing Proper Blood Sugar Levels

As long as our body regulates the normal insulin level, it rests without any detrimental sign of ill-health, however, the failure in required insulin production can leave our body under risk of several health diseases such as cardiovascular & nervous system disorders, weight-gain, kidney or liver malfunctioning, disturbed immune system & metabolism processes. Steady supply of insulin hormone helps in breaking-down of sugar molecules which produce energy required for active functioning of cells & tissues.

  • Insulin moves glucose (absorbed from ingested food) from blood to muscle cells.
  • Insulin clears all the dietary carbohydrate from blood to avoid abnormal sugar levels.
  • Body cells use glucose to carry normal metabolic processes.
  • Due to long meal gap or absence of sugar, stored insulin is released immediately for the liver to convert the stored glucose (glycogen) to complete the body’s requirement.
Normal blood glucose level Before Meal Soon after Meal
70mg/dl to 100mg/dl 100 mg/dl 140mg/dl

Frequent Monitoring Of Your Glucose Levels – Evaluate & Compare Using Blood Sugar Level Graph

There are many blood sugar detection meters available, which can be used for testing individual & family blood sugar counts. These recorded sugar counts help monitor and identify even a minor variation in normal sugar levels as a benefit from physical work-out. If the detected glucose count in blood, recorded over a period of time, rises above 125mg/dl, the person is referred to as a pre-diabetic which can be controlled by making proper food choices to decrease any future diabetes threat.

A Blood Sugar Level Graph can help you compare the actual glucose levels (milligrams per deciliter) with prescribed levels, at different times, throughout the day:

Blood Sugar Levels Men Readings (mg/dL) Women Readings (mg/dL)
Normal Blood Sugar Range 70 to 140 70 to 140
Post Meal (2hrs after meal) may rise up to 140 may rise up to 135 to 145
Random Blood Sugar Levels 70 to 125 70 to 140
Fasting Blood Sugar Levels 70 to 100 70 to 100

proper levels bloodInsulin is a growth promoting hormone & presence of deficient or excess amount can bring an imbalance in the body’s active functioning that may result in the following symptoms:
Elevated (excess) levels: Headache, overweight, heart-strokes, affect eyes & nervous system.
Low (deficiency) Levels: weak memory, inactive body, reduced cellular activity, hunger, confusion, nausea, coma (severe stages).

Tips To Keep Normal Blood Sugar Levels

  • Better nutritional supplements – Limited food intake helps to keep normal range of glucose.
  • Regular exercise regime boosts body strength & internal functioning.
  • Avoid refined-carbohydrate food – Reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates such as white flour. Type-2 diabetes is mainly encountered due to over-consumption of refined carbohydrates.
  • Avoid skipping meals & get sufficient sleep.
  • Prefer a low glycemic diet optimized for blood & metabolic type to hold optimum levels.

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